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Money itself has no power or advantage whatsoever it is the commonly agreed upon illusion that it represent the value printed on it, therefore it was given power and we all agreed to sustain its status, nonetheless because it has been so commonly agreed, we have to cope with it.When it comes to money its all a matter of balance and comes down to some simple rules:

Rule #1: Money has to flow in order to bring in profit, just
like water, if it is stagnant it is a potential reservior of illness hence the flow and the need for continous refreshing.

Rule #2: Never spend more than you can earn, is like eating your maize and the planting seed, you will have not to plant to yield fruit and make profit.

Rule 3#: Always dare to spend it when there is a potential to recieve more.

Rule #4: You must have a solid knowlede for the things being offer to invest or spend on.

Rule #5: Money has a tendency to make one greedy.

BEWARE.Money is not evil, but like every other thing its potential is determined by how we use it. Money might be a means to survive it is not our net worth. There is much to accomplish than a solid bank account.

'' Happiness is not in the mere possession of money, it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort''


If you had sign up for please hurry up and withdraw your money if you have invested into this site.
The site is having issues with payment and have poor refund policy, also, is now on the scam watch list. SO BEWARE.


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