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14 Million devices running on Window 10 - Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that after the first 24 hours of availability, Windows 10 is now installed on more than 14 million devices. The company is still rolling out the OS and if your machine has not received the new OS, be patient, as the company is working 24 hours a day to make sure that everyone who reserved a copy of the OS, receives it.
But, be aware, the company says it may take a few weeks before everyone who registered is prompted to download Windows 10.

While Microsoft has not publicly stated its milestones, other than 1 billion installs after three years, seeing as they are publicly announcing this number so early means that they are pleased with the install rate.

Breaking down the math, 14,000,000 installs in 24 hours equates to 583,333 installs per hour, 9722 installs per minute and 162 installs per second.
Microsoft's pomp and circumstance around Windows 10 is far from over, in fact, it's only beginning. The company is now running a slew of advertisements for the OS and is pushing Windows 10 at every chance it can get.

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Source: Neowin - Brad Sams


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