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Features rumoured on the expected Apple products to be unveiled…

The new iPhone 6s is to be unveiled in just a few days and up for pre-order in less than a month, here we round up the rumours on the iPhone for 2015, the iPhone 6s, including the release date, specs and new features.
As this is an 'S year', we don't expect any dramatic changes to the design. But we do expect a few changes and a couple of new features on these devices, otherwise what would be the point?

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus
The 6S and 6S Plus will appear almost identical to the current 6 and 6 Plus models - measuring 138.1 mm by 67.0 mm by 6.0 mm for the 6S and 158.1 mm by 77.8 mm by 7.1 mm for the 6S Plus and screen sizes of 4.7 and 5.5in for the 6S and 6S plus respectively. A third-party case manufacturer has mentioned that the new iPhone
(referring to the 4.7 in iPhone 6S) will fit into existing iPhone 6 cases as it "should be only 0.02mm thicker".
iphone 6s
There will be a number of internal improvements though, including a tougher case, faster processor, front and back camera sensors with even more pixels and a bigger battery

One of the biggest changes will be the inclusion of a 3D 'Force Touch' screen: currently used on the Apple Watch and Mac Book track pad. 3D Touch means there are three types of touch that the screen can recognise, as opposed to two with Force Touch on the Apple Watch. Apparently, the iPhone 6S will be able to distinguish between a tap, a light press and a 'deep' or hard press, the new iPhone's screen will be able to distinguish between these various types of contact , calling up menus with a 'hard press' and carrying out various commands if the user draws a pre-set screen pattern. Apps will be able to use the new Force Touch functions in various ways, from new gaming options to hiding menus and options.

iphone 6s camera
The cameras on the new iPhones will be 12-megapixels, with a new sensor which will allow for better capture of light and there will also be a new five-element lens on the board.

With the upgraded processor on Apple iPhone 6S and Apple iPhone 6S Plus it should therefore be complete with the new A9 chip and M9 motion coprocessor. Rumour has it Samsung is responsible for the making of this chip, which if the Exynos processors are anything to go by, the A9 should be nice and speedy.

Siri will have an all-new user interface and interact with your iPhone in a more in-depth way, with piuro-active features and suggestions based on your phone's location. It has also been merged closely with search, which has also seen some dramatic improvements and Passbook will be renamed to Wallet.

There'll be a range of colours, including black, white, silver, gold and pink.

iPad Pro
With a larger keyboard layout spotted in the build for the new iOS 9 operating software, a larger iPad was all-but confirmed.
It'll have a 12.9-inch Ultra Retina 'Force Touch' screen
It will support an Apple stylus
It could launch this September or later in November

Apple TV
Apple TV
Fourth-generation Apple TV
We've heard quite a bit about Apple's new TV, which has got some series streaming and gaming aspirations.
It will be larger and more expensive than the current Apple TV.
A new Apple TV subscription streaming service will be offered, much like the new Apple Music service
The TV will be able to access apps from the App Store, allowing users to play app games on their TV via a new remote or the iPhone.

iPad Mini
There won't be much to the new iPad Mini, other than an expected improvement on all its existing internals and a slight slimming of the already wafer-thin frame to around 6.9 mm.

Apple Watch – what’s really stopping people from buying an Apple watch is a lack of strap options.
iphone 6s


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