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11-minutes video of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Earlier we saw a short video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, just a few minutes. The device in question — which appears to be an early prototype is devoid of a curved display.

Blackberry releases most secured smartphone

The Ontario-based company has unveiled its latest smartphone the DTEK50, a handset it calls the “world’s most secure.” It’s BlackBerry’s first touchscreen-only Android phone.

IPhone 7 coming to store on September 16th

According to Evan Blass (a reputable leaker), Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 7 is set to hit store shelves on Friday, September 16th, the tweet came from Blass indicating that Apple was going to release the device during the week, September 12th, there was some initial confusion as to whether or not September 12th referred to the product’s unveiling or the actual launch event, to that regard Blass published a follow-up tweet in order to address any confusion.

With that release date in-hand, we can also deduce that the actual iPhone 7 unveiling will likely be about 10-14 days earlier. Looking at the calendar, it’s not unreasonable to presume that Tim Cook and co. will get on stage either on September 6 or 7 and introduce Apple’s next-gen smartphone to the world.

Now as for what type of features the iPhone 7 will bring to the table, it’s believed that Apple is saving its most jaw-dropping new features for the iPhone 7s (which may be called the iPhone 8). That notwithstanding, the iPhon…

A leaked online video of Galaxy Note 7 in action

A leaked video has been posted online which shows the Galaxy Note 7 in action during testing for Olixar, an accessory maker for mobile devices.

The video shows off the Galaxy Note 7 in all its glory with a 5.7-inch display dual-edge curves which is a first for any Galaxy Note. The dual-edge display of this smartphone wraps around the edges very nicely and giving a  unique feel, unlike any previous Galaxy Note. The video was recorded when it was being tested for Olixar’s Curved Glass Screen Protector, from the looks of it the protector works very well with this dual-edge curved display.
Leaked renders have also shown us a Blue Coral color of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with is a nice addition as to the alternative of the conventional silver, gold and black color options and the new modules on the top of the front panel suggest that it may very well come with an iris scanner which will be the first for any Samsung smartphone.
Samsung is due to unveil the Galaxy Note 7 on August 2 and is r…

Get the most out of your Gmail App

Gmail is a free e-mail service that provides users with a gigabyte of storage for messages and provides the ability to search for specific messages, automatically organizes successively related messages into a conversational thread and manages notifications you receiving, it's both easy and straightforward, there are a wealth of useful features hidden away.

Shot on iPhone TV ads

Apple is continuing to emphasise its ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign, where it features photos and videos taken by ordinary iPhone users, with two new video commercials. One of the ads features a close-up clip of a squirrel eating a nut, credited to Linda H and the other is a macro close-up clip of an ant carrying a leaf by Tim W.
Apple’s long-running ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign conveys the power of the iPhone as a camera, with negligible marketing copy.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active thrills behind

Last week, A Consumer Reports review found two of the devices stopped working when placed in a tank that simulated depths of 5ft of water.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phablet at the UNPACKED

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phablet comes with an iris scanner and a dual-edge display exclusively will be unveiled on August 2 at Samsung UNPACKED event holding in New York, London, and Rio de Janeiro simultaneously, the event will be live streamed on the company website, and will begin at 8.30pm IST.
Numerous features and specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are already known. Here is a comprehensive list of all that is expected to come with the Galaxy Note 7 this year based on leaks that has surfaced online so far.
Note 7 not Note 6
The Samsung is calling the phablet the Galaxy Note 7, instead of the Galaxy Note 6. Reasons being to unify its product portfolio and avoid confusion among its consumers. Samsung released the S7 and S7 Edge this year in its flagship Galaxy 'S' series, and bringing its Note series to the same numeral made sense to it.

Iris scanner
Samsung is set to flag off the iris scanner feature in its mobile portfolio with the Galaxy Note 7. It is expected …