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Infinix X features

Infinix mobility recently the latest version of it’s customized user interface ‘XOS chameleon’ with the launch of Infinix HOT S and HOT 4 in August, the new user interface comes with the latest infinix smartphone Infinix note 3. The XOS UI is unique with all its amazing features to enable infinix smartphone users to optimize their smartphone usage. Most unique of them all is the X features.

X Hide
Used to hide sensitive information from public view, you activate this by setting up a four digit pin starting with ##. When activated it gets hidden from your menu and can only be accessed when you go to your phone dailer and type ##(four (4) digit pin).
Even with a good knowledge of XHide,  so long your pin is secured that such individual can't have access to your hidden files.  You can also bring the app back to appear on your menu if you so desire by disabling the hidden mode.

X Share

Used to share files, images, apps, documents etc faster and easier, another amazing feature is the use of QR code all ready built in the app whichbwl serve as a receiver,  it connects fast to the sender for immediate  transfer.  Xshare can be share to other brands of phones other than Infinix.

X Account
Can be used to store up your user information on your Infinix devices.  When device is lost information stored up in the old device can be easily restored to t he new device simply by logging in to your Username  and Password.

X Cloud
To save up notebook, call log, browser history, sms messages and contact in an unlimited clound account associated to the phone, benefits save up your detail up to the cloud and stay as long as you want, it works with all brand meaning you can access from any phone. Ot also has an automatic update set up on the phone.

X Manager 
Helps organise your phone. It also functions as system manager do this six things:

1. mobile clean up; help clear up bulk up space i.e.clears up junks.
2. It also helps manage your application
3. Power manager
4. Bandwidth manager
5. Harassement block for sms and call harassment
6. App lock

X Club
A community where all infinix fans share their User experiences on the use of infinix phones. XClubs keeps us updated as regards to whatever is happening in Infinity for example Lunch a new product,  promotional activities and upcoming events. 
You can also access system updates from this club. 

Provides you with a series of power management option to control the CPU/GPU functionality  to get more battery backup,  optimize phone and app performance and regulate device temperature. Three options are always available.
1. High Performance mode
2. Normal Mode 
3. Ultra Power Saving Mode. 

X Weather
Help predict weather condition with a high level of precision on your device location. 

X Theme
This gives you an option to choose from a variety of themes to suit your style


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